We eagerly await the refreshing spring weather just as we do the blossoming trends of the new season. After following all of the major runway moments this past Fashion Week, there have been some industry crazes that will undoubtedly follow us into spring. Vigorous styles have been popping up like daisies and I want to prepare you for the hottest trends this season that are not exclusive to the runway—as well as show how you can incorporate them into your everyday style.

This spring is all about fitness collaborating with fashion. In the industry that never quite stands still, modern styles are progressively embedding themselves into fashion culture—and this season is filled with sleek styles that everyone can wear. The trend of athletic wear as everyday attire is so innovative as it fuses together both leisure and style, allowing comfort to advance into our professional wardrobes. Whether you are aiming for everyday comfort or chic activewear, these freshly picked pieces are must-haves to participate in this sporty trend.

Each piece in our ‘Get the Look’ guide is curated for you to dress in style and comfort at the office and is available in Windsor.