Kids are back to school and the holidays are just around the corner. It’s a perfect time to start planning your Thanksgiving décor plans. We’ll keep this simple and keep you on trend. 

We all love our fall décor and the warmth it brings to the home. But sometimes we struggle with how to work it into our year-round décor. Just as we have seen a transition over the years with Christmas décor being available in wide variety of colour palettes, Thanksgiving is trending on the same path. 

Trends are showing up in rich creams, soft pinks and the palest of blues. The fabrics are just as rich in texture; after all, who doesn’t want a velvet plush pumpkin? 

The best way to mix that velvet pumpkin up is to add something organic. This will give you the warmth you are craving without sacrificing colour. It’s all about texture and layering. Add some beautiful fall mums or branches you may already have in your yard. 

Better yet, get your family together and head out into nature. Start collecting acorns and throw them in a glass vase with a candle. Want to make your guests feel extra special? Add a sprig of rosemary to their place setting. It’s multifunctional—they will appreciate the natural fragrance and it will give your elegant place setting an organic feel. 

Our step-by-step Do It Yourself is simple and the results will be fabulous!

(What you need for this project: fresh rosemary, napkin, scissors, wood clothespins, fine point marker.)

1. Create a clean fold on top half of napkin as shown.

2. With marker, write your guest names on clothespins. 

3. Cut a nice clean rosemary stem and remove leaves from bottom to expose twig. By removing the leaves from the bottom this will create a nice finished end and allow for easy placement when attaching the clothespin. 

To complete your set-up, shop this look and treat your guests to a special Thanksgiving this year!