Lee Harris is as comfortable completing figure eights and jumps on toe picks as he is rushing the blue line and shooting a puck in a hockey net. It’s a unique combination but somehow it doesn’t seem so rare once you get to know the energetic and affable man wearing the skates. But his victories haven’t come without consequences; as someone who’s taken up two sports that can be very dangerous physically, Harris has had his share of accidents on the ice, but he’s overcome the breaks and has passed on his knowledge to others, keeping them safer while playing sports. 

Today, Harris uses his diverse skating skills in his position as a skating consultant for the Columbus Blue Jackets of the NHL and Cleveland Monsters of the AHL. He is also working with Ohio State University’s men’s and women’s Division 1 hockey teams. He calls it a dream job and says, even after five seasons, he still can’t believe that he—once a young kid from Harrow, Ontario—is now giving advice to players in the NHL.

But let’s go back to Harrow in 1984, when a three-year-old toddler first laced up his skates. He remembers the first day in skating class when they advanced him four levels—an early sign that he was born to be on the ice. At six or seven he was competing as a figure skater in towns and cities across Ontario. He began playing minor hockey in Harrow and by 1997 had won three All-Ontario championships.