Pure and unrefined cosmetic ingredients are all the rage right now and these natural products improve the quality of our skin while enhancing our natural beauty—and who does not want a flawless complexion... naturally?

Although it is not necessary to purge our makeup bags and vanities quite yet, there is great value in integrating plant-based, lavish ingredients into our skincare routines. Including natural ingredients just may be the perfect introduction to a healthy relationship with our beauty regimes that we never knew we needed. Judging by the parade of health and wellness products on the market, the craze of natural and raw beauty looks like it will be staying for a while—and here are some must-have products to achieve your healthiest, most beautiful look.

HYDRATING LIP CONDITIONER This lip conditioner is infused with organic ingredients that will even the texture of your lips, and add moisture—creating a flawless base for those bright & punchy spring lip

What you will need:

1 tbsp of beeswax pearls

1 tsp of raw honey

3 ½ tbsp of almond oil

5-6 drops of your favourite essential oil

A sterilized, glass jar


1. Melt together all ingredients in a glass bowl over hot water and stir until combined.

2. Pour mixture into a clean, small jar and store in the fridge until solid

3. Apply prior to lipstick for smooth application and before bed as a lip treatment.

EXFOLIATING FACE MASK Exfoliation is absolutely essential for fresh and healthy skin. The nutritious ingredients in this mask will remove dead skin and impurities while soothing any inflammation.

What you will need:

½ cup of plain Greek yogurt

1 tbsp of raw honey

1 tbsp of ground flaxseed meal


1. Combine ingredients together and apply with fingertips to the entire face.

2. Allow it to sit on the skin for 5-10 minutes and then gently exfoliate for two minutes before rinsing.

3. Use twice a week after cleansing the skin (use more and less frequently depending on skin texture).

FACE AND BODY CREAM Your body needs just as much moisture as your face,  which is why this enriched face and body cream deserves a role in everyone’s beauty routine. Infused with hydrating oils, this cream moisturizes the skin from within.

What you will need:

2 Tbsp coconut oil

2 Tbsp almond oil

¼ tsp jojoba oil

1 tbsp of loose green tea

A sterilized, glass jar


1. Melt together all ingredients in a glass bowl over hot water and stir until combined.

2. Pour mixture into a clean, small jar and whip the mixture with a hand mixer until the cream is of a creamy, whipped texture. 

3. Apply daily to the face after cleansing and to the body after bathing.

Windsor-based  Samantha Boulos works as a stylist, makeup artist and trend forecaster for The Drive. From assisting backstage at New York, Vancouver and Toronto Fashion Week, she has the inside scoop on how to stay on-trend, all year round. On the daily, Samantha provides makeup services from her business, Glam by Sam, and forecasts trends on her personal style and beauty blog, www.samboulosbeauty.com